Because I wanted to make own tracks, but never unterstand the physics due to the lack of good tutorials, I started yesterday to extract and import the dev-tracks into the editor and look for useful things. :D

I had success for both games (Not Fusion for now, perhaps later) and it's possible to load them in the editor and change all stuff. Some of the HD tracks are problematic, because the devs used more (A lot more) objects as allowed in the XBox editor. Means you can't save it or move objects until you decreased the complexity.

Besides of that I found an interesting event in an Evolution tutorial track: Achievement event. And I think you all know for what it's used. :p
I build straight away a "Unlock All Achievements Circuit" and it worked fine in a test run. xD

Here a screenshot:

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Well, I created this thread to ask, if someone have interest in a complete package with all dev-tracks and a tool, that gives your profile access to the tracks? That will take some time of course ;)