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[REQ] Please help me compile this source. :(
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    Cry [REQ] Please help me compile this source. :(

    Issue solved, thanks.
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    Re: [REQ] Please help me compile this source. :(

    Quote Originally Posted by tnthps View Post
    I am running into all kinds of errors trying to compile this source and I've installed and reinstalled several versions of Visual Studio Professional and the Xbox 360 Neighborhood trying to make it happen.

    At this point, I am simply asking if someone will please compile it for me, so I can proceed to test addresses for this trainer.

    I am not a compete noob here, and I've created trainers using the Endel 3 engine without issues, but even now I have issues compiling it as well. I have a list of addresses, and many more to make, but I'm stuck on this XPP source, pulling different errors, and as soon as I fix one, it produces 12 more errors and won't build.

    All I need is for someone to please compile this and respond here with it. I'll be glad to credit you in the release on TNThps.us, and anyone can go see the trainers and tutorials I've made, all focused on the same series.

    This is literally all I need someone to change, and then compile.


    SetupCheats(0x4E4D07E9, "game:\\4E4D07E9.txt", XINPUT_GAMEPAD_RIGHT_THUMB);


    SetupCheats(0x415607D4, "game:\\415607D4.txt", XINPUT_GAMEPAD_BACK);

    A copy of the original source, if needed, is here:


    The reason I am so interested in XPP, is because the text file can be easily altered by users, and with the dump they can create their own codes using the games qbkeys, and I'm extremely experienced with those, and the only issue I'm having is literally getting this source to actually work.

    So if someone could please compile it and respond, I would be forever grateful, because I'm to the point of giving up on it. I've tried VS 2008 and VS 2010 on Windows 7 and 8, both returning the same errors. I see that many people have used XPP and it has worked for them, so if anyone of you will do this, I can't thank you enough.
    what trainer engine are you using , you install vs 2010 then neighbourhood mate incase you done that wrong , this looks like a normal offset mate nit known to be static very often , most trainers are made with break points not off sets , you may want to be a bit clearer if you are trying to do a trainer for say xp and want to be able to set xp to youre own liking then you would use the code in youre trainer engine for it , post what youre using and how youre set up mate// this xpp thing is rather old mate

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    Re: [REQ] Please help me compile this source. :(

    I installed it correctly, vs first followed by a full installation of the neighborhood. I was trying to compile XPowerPlay, and VS wouldn't build it.

    I was able to solve the issue by reverse engineering a trainer for another game.

    I unpacked the XEX, opened Hex Workshop, got a little advice from a friend named Morten, and found the game ID in that trainer and changed it. That worked for me.

    With THPS games, which this is, we all use offsets to create our mods. The offsets are generally the same for all the titles, from PS2, Gamecube, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PC. The trainer works fine that I unpacked and modified. If I need to create more, I can do the same.

    Check out my site if you're interested in Tony Hawk mods. TNThps.us



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