Formula Fusion has been successfully funded.
R8 Games, a new independent studio formed by developers who previously worked on Sony's futuristic racing series Wipeout, has released pre-alpha gameplay footage if its next game, Formula Fusion.

R8 Games first revealed Formula Fusion last year, saying that it's a "huge" project that it can't complete without help. In April, the developer took the game to Kickstarter, and hit its funding goal of £35,000 (about $52,000). At the time of writing, Formula Fusion raised £52,814 from 1,060 and still has five days to go before the campaign ends on May 23.

R8 Games describes Formula Fusion as a fast, frantic near-future anti-gravity racing game for PC. It will feature 21 tracks and five craft classes to progress through and master. The developer set a stretch goal at £100,000 that will allow it to bring the game to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well, but at the moment it doesn't look like it reach that figure.

"Set in the dystopian year of 2075 in the redeveloped ruins of New York State, Formula Fusion’s stunning atmospheric environments complement the dirty-urban visual design of The Designers Republic that truly set the stage for the Formula Fusion W.A.R Leagues – a dog-eat-dog racing competition born on the back of F1 racing," R8 Games said.