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XCOM Enemy Unknown - Hex Editing
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    XCOM Enemy Unknown - Hex Editing

    I'm wondering if anyone has looked into enabling all abilities (including both choices) and PSI abilities on soldiers by hex editing. I'll compare some data when I rank up. I did find something I haven't seen posted anywhere though...

    For those who want to use the cheat named people to have some good stats (and all PSI abilities on one of them) starting out, you can search for "AchivementsEnabled" (yes, it's misspelled) and set the "BoolProperty" below it back to 1 after saving with the Easter egg characters enabled. It's a big block of 00s followed by 0A.... Make it 01 00 00 00 0A. Easiest way I can describe where the 01 belongs. The "compare files" option in Hex workshop is incredibly useful sometimes. ;)

    Post if you have any info about the format of things in here. I see I can find the individual soldier stats if I look around near their names (other than Defense cause it's 0), but figuring out how to enable abilities, armor, weapons, etc is going to be a pain. Strange nobody felt the game was worth doing a more featured editor for. Maxing out money and such is always extremely useful, but maxing out soldiers will make things easier on Classic/Impossible. Plus I really want snipers with both Squadsight and Snap Shot. Wish there was one like that for heavies. I hate not being able to fire rockets after moving once. lol

    p.s. Anyone know what all the base stats properties for the soldiers are? The file seems to have more than just the 4 base stats. Also, has anyone ever seen a soldier with base defense? Even the cheat soldiers have 0 defense.
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