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What's your favorite video game and why?
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    What's your favorite video game and why?

    My favorite video game is joygame,one piece online.Anyways, tell me what your favorite video game is and why!

    One Piece Online - Best Pirate RPG Manga Game - JoyGames

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    Re: What's your favorite video game and why?

    Final Fantasy IV(For whom it may concern, there be spoilers ahead)

    In a time where RPGs were basic select action, attack, get attack, rinse and repeat. Final Fantasy IV brought new
    innovation to the tried and true formula. While watching F1 racing Hiroyuki Ito was inspired to create a battle
    system where player and enemy would attack simultaneously. Kazuhiko Aoki, Hiroyuki Ito and Akihiko Mats, developed
    the system and would become what we know today as ATB(Active Time Battle). A system where characters speed would
    determine who attacked first and how often.

    The Characters were all pre-defined, but were all useful. Monks, Mages, Knights, Engineers, Ninja, Bards, Dragoon,
    Summoner all team together at certain points to overcome the evil that has taken grasp over the land. Unfortunately
    they would leave without any notice. That sucks when you have a character with expensive armor you just bought
    decides to leave(looking at you Cid, and my mythril set).

    Sidequest are hidden, and if you do not take the time to explore, you could miss out on some very powerful summons,
    weapons, and armor.

    This gem of an RPG was created with only 14 people on staff and was completed in under a year. It also played a small
    part in Secret of Mana being made. An innovation milestone and you still see things from this game in todays western

    I own every version of this game, and prefer the tablet/DS version over bonus dungeons from GBA/PSP, If only for the difficulty.
    There is a hard mode hack made by JCE3000GT that is probably the best rom hack of this game.

    Sure Final Fantasy II did similar things, but across sea's Final Fantasy II was not readily available to the public
    until it was released on PSX with Final Fantasy.
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    Re: What's your favorite video game and why?

    For me would be Animal Crossing for the GameCube. I always have fun. Way better than the AC games. Been playing it since it came out in the early 2000, so that's my only fav game.:)

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    Re: What's your favorite video game and why?

    Neverwinter Night from bioware.
    No doubt.
    It was my first game, which I still play sometimes, when I require some good story content, lol.
    Nothing to add about it, I assume, everyone knows about this game and How Wonderful and Amazing it is.

    BioWare made best RPG ever.
    Sadly, they are cursed by EA now.
    RIP, my favorite Company.

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    Re: What's your favorite video game and why?

    Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 for the ps2.
    if i were to list everything i like about this game i'd have to write a book, but in short this game has the most addictive combat of any game i've ever played in my life, which is why i still play it regularly to this day, even tho i know the chapters so well i could literally navigate them blindfolded, this game did EVERYTHING right, only game in existence i can honestly say is PERFECT without ANY flaws say for minor frame rate issues that are easily overlooked thanks to the deep combat system, combine that with a Gameshark code to give you unbreakable weapons and its a masterpiece! i love all the LOK games, especially Defiance but none i hold so dear as Blood Omen 2, imho it is and will always be the best game ever made, given the shitty direction next gen gaming is going with all the online multi BS i don't think its even possible for a game to ever top it.

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    Re: What's your favorite video game and why?

    my favorite got to be pokemon red to be honest because it the first game I ever play now generaly im just enjoying Destiny and some fps game

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    Re: What's your favorite video game and why?

    I'd have to go with Final Fantasy IV or VI. I could talk about how it's because it's a masterpiece of a game(s) but the truth is that it's my favorite game(s) because of how big of an impact I remember it having on my childhood. I spent hours playing these games when I was a kid and they were probably the first real games that fueled what would become a lifelong hobby.

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    Re: What's your favorite video game and why?

    Mine is Fifa 15 on my xbox one ..


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