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[Request]Knights Contract Save Editor Fix
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    [Request]Knights Contract Save Editor Fix

    Could anyone possibly get a cheat to make minukelsus have infinite health?
    I also should say that version 2 of the save editor does not work so well for me.
    It gives me the max souls but nothing else seems to work.The 1st version of the save editor works fine for me.
    Only thing is, the infinite fury cheat does not work for Gretchen correctly,Once you use her fury its gone. It works for Heinrech though.

    Perhaps someone could look into it and fix it a little?

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    Re: [Request]Knights Contract Save Editor Fix

    I'll second that. That Minuskelsus thing is the one thing that prevents me from finishing that irritating game (that I should have never started in the 1st place).If I remember correctly, level 16 is near impossible. However, thanks to a previously released trainer, the rest of the game, while still tedious as f..., is totally doable. Please fix Minusthingus PLEASE :)

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