For my daily coding work, Visual Studio use to be my main editor since I started coding. For the past 6+ months I have been using an editor called Sublime, which became my go to editor since I first started using it. Now I have been producing code that eventually will be on other platforms and been looking into using Vim or Emacs as a daily editor. Sublime works on all platforms but I found it a pain to get working, with all my other settings, plugins, etc on other platforms.

I decided to try Vim for 24 hours. I can say that I quite liked it. At first it was a little strange typing commands to put yourself in different modes it was a little like

I had also played around with some configs that added things like CTRL+C, V etc but in the end I decided that using it with mostly default controls. I also have to say, the themes in gvim are pretty nice.

So anybody else here use Vim or Emacs? Or maybe have some reason why you use one over the other. Perhaps some suggestions for someone who just started using Vim.

Also been a while since I posted here, eh?