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Dragon Age Inquisition / Modding tool?
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    Dragon Age Inquisition / Modding tool?

    Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone is still working on a DAI Modding tool the last I heard was Jappi volunteered to do one around last year sometime since then I have not seen any updates on this subject yes, I know the game saves are encrypted and yes I know it is hard I am just looking for any updates on the subject.

    So yeah honestly I just want to know if there is still a plan to make one, or if there is still one in the making.
    thank you :3

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    Re: Dragon Age Inquisition / Modding tool?

    Haha, man, I was wondering the exact same thing today. I too remember seeing a user named Jappi saying he was undertaking a DAI save tool project, and he kind of gave us an update in an earlier thread regarding his understanding of how he's nearly got the saves mapped out. But that was months ago and I've seen nothing yet. I'll poke my head in the modding section every 3 or 4 weeks hoping he's finally released it, only to find nothing so far. As bad as it sounds, I think we might need to start bracing for disappointment and realize a save editor/tool is not gonna be coming out for DAI.



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