Taro Yokoo is leaving.

Taro Yokoo is best-known for his work as the director for the action-RPG, Nier. Pretty soon, however, he'll be leaving his current post for other pursuits.

Technically, he's still with AQ Interactive, but he has already announced that he'll be leaving the company at a yet to be revealed date. When asked by 4Gamer for a message to his fans, he simply said that he will retire from the company by the end of January 2011. He clarified that this decision was not made in any relation to the absorption of Cavia, the studio behind Nier, or any ill-will against AQ.

Though Nier didn't exactly turn out to be a blockbuster, Yokoo still remains proud of his accomplishments and humbly asked his fans not to set expectations for his next venture. He didn't specify as to what that will be.