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modding risen questions
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    modding risen questions

    does anyone know of a way to mod risen ive looked everywhere on google and havent found a thing can someone at least point me in the right direction

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    Re: modding risen questions

    I remember seeing one...but my memory fails me atm.
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    Re: modding risen questions

    Long time ago (like a year...) I got this game (the USA NTSC version) -wonderful game BTW-. Anyway, I checked the game and the savegames used at least one type of checksum. I could find all the offsets for the stats and gold (I remember they weren't fixed in one place, but they were very easy to find and most of them were 4 bytes long max). But I'm no expert on checksums, so I couldn't continue

    The game is not hard and I completed it (100%) legit almost without any problem. If you need exp points, I remember there was some kind of cheat involving a pirate in the swamp that needed something (weed plants?, I can't remember...) and everytime you bring him like 10 or something, you gained exp points, but that pirate was immortal, so you could knock him down (he will not die), steal those things back while he was passed out, wait for him to recover and you could give him back those things for extra points...

    If anyone want to know, here is some of the notes I made while I was doing the research:

    - Game ID: 4B4D07D8
    - Extract "savegame.sav" from "Save0" (Autosave) o "Save#" (Manual Save #).
    - Use OFFZIP with "savegame.sav"
    offzip -s savegame.sav .\ 0 (to search for offsets with zipped contents).
    offzip -a savegame.sav .\ 0 (to extract all zipped contents in the same folder as "savegame.sav").
    - Edit "0000001c.dat" (that was usually the first content unzipped and I remember that almost all the time it had all the stats or gold -but not always-). If it didn't have them, I usually used the next file and so on...
    - After the edit, the edited file "*.dat" needs to be zipped back into "savegame.sav" with PACKZIP in the same offset from where was extracted (for example: if the file was "0000001c.dat", it needs to be zipped in offset "0x0000001c".
    packzip -o 0x0000001c 0000001c.dat savegame.sav
    - ***After the last step the checksum in the file "savegame.sav" needs to be fixed***.
    - Inject "savegame.sav" back into "Save0" (Autosave) or "Save#" (Manual Save#) with Le Fluffie.
    - Rehash & Resign the savefile.

    Damn checksums...

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    Re: modding risen questions

    Post a couple of savegames and i'll have a look at the checksum.
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    Re: modding risen questions


    There ya go. I have 6 saves I gave to someone else with stat details for ya to try and attempt.

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    Re: modding risen questions

    I've got a few saves if you need more, just downloaded this game a few days ago.
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    Re: modding risen questions

    Any news on this? I have been searching for a good tool or tut for Risen for a bit now.

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    Re: modding risen questions

    Quote Originally Posted by willgsxr View Post
    Any news on this? I have been searching for a good tool or tut for Risen for a bit now.
    Nothing yet... :(


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