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Help about making a website.
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    Help about making a website.

    I know this is a modding site but yeah...i have an xbox 360 clan with about 20 members, the Inc Family, just wondering if anyone could make me a website/forum preferably a free one lol... i could advertise this website on it to help out this community, my family is for ever expanding lol i can't pay but could possibly give out some Microshaft Points lol, cheers for hearing me out.

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    Download Wordpress or Joomla as they are very easy to update information and build and get a program called artisteer which will allow you to build your style such as your banner, colour scheme etc.
    Also with both Wordpress and Joomla you can download extensions for pretty much anything you want such as forums, chatboxes etc.

    Not really that hard now days to build websites now days with Content Management systems taking out the need to be adapt at code.

    Just some advice if you can't find someone to build it for you. (I myself have been quite busy with other things to bother with building a website)
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