Sorry Jackie boy, but it seems that Sony's PlayStation 3 has been dethroned as king of streaming Netflix.
That's according to a recent Nielsen survey that pegs the Nintendo Wii as the most used device in households to stream Netflix (outside of the computer, of course), and puts all three gaming consoles in the lead in terms of Netflix streaming to devices.

The survey, based on 12,000 online interviews in March 2011, weighs a variety of devices against each other in terms of Netflix and Hulu streaming, from Apple TV on the low end at just one percent market share, to "Directly on Computer" as the most employed method at 42 percent for Netflix and 89 percent for Hulu. The Xbox 360 brought up the bottom of the list in terms of game consoles, with just 12 percent of Netflix users going that route and two percent of Hulu users.

The real bizarre factoid in this graph is that the Nintendo Wii is also (just barely) streaming more Hulu content than the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 -- especially odd considering there's no official support for Hulu on the Wii. We've reached out to Nielsen for clarification on that possibly erroneous statistic.