Hello everyone i'm Yanis, and dude im pissed. Konami just announced a new metal gear 'metal gear survive". As you probably know Konami dont do the
smartest moves these days (Kojima rant, Silent Hill P.T cancelled, METAL GEAR SURVIVE?!!) As a big metal gear fan im really sad and pissed because
the trailer show a whole different game than a metal gear, closer to resident evil/left4dead.If you haven't seen it yet,checkout on youtube be
carefull if you a metal gear fan you might throw up. So after that provocation from konami,i decided to do something to save my favourite franchise
of all time, i started a petition, yeah i know i didn't went to konami headquartes with an EZ gun and a stealth wig but hey do you know how much a
ticket to Japan cost? So yeah i started a petiton even if i know that it won't change nothing but hey you don't get nothing if you don't try.
im currently at 1 signing so i really need you guys help.So please to all the metal gear fans out there and simple video games fans, please, please
go read and sign that petition. Thank you very much.

Kojima bless

Virus check: https://www.virustotal.com/fr/url/6b...is/1471490655/

Petition: https://www.change.org/p/konami-chan...=copylink_long