Hello my name is Whiteelite, I know this is kinda late since Xenoverse 2 is about to throw Xenoverse 1 in to the desert of loneliness
But I would like help on a specific matter "Z-Souls modding" Now, I'm talking about the 360 version of XV and I recenlty saw a cac with
stats you shouldn't normally have, after closer inspection and a talk with the individual he told me that the stats increase was thanks
to the Z-Soul being altered, he refused to explain so I did my research and couldn't find anything, so I decided to come to 360Haven
knowing I could find my answers here.

-No Trainers or Jtag/Rgh was used , just HxD/Hex I suppose.

I have no clue about this but as much as I am interested in mods I want to try this out myself.
(Sorry I couldn't post any pictures but their quality would be really low so I decided not to)

Thank you for reading, thanks in advance.