I'm attempting to use sockets as shown here (http://www.xbdev.net/tuts/subpages/prt10/index.php)

I read that it's encrypted, and was told to add this to the code before connecting.

setsockopt(m_socket, SOL_SOCKET, 0x5801, (PCSTR)&bBroadcast, sizeof(BOOL));
setsockopt(m_socket, SOL_SOCKET, 0x5802, (PCSTR)&bBroadcast, sizeof(BOOL));

However when the first part is run (0x5801), it returns -1 the other one however, returns 0. So I'm completely lost now. It won't connect to anything I tell it to. I have no problems with anything except for the Xbox 360.

I have sockpatch enabled in dashlaunch.

Anyone able to lend me a hand?

Apologies if this is in the wrong place, the site isn't very "homebrew friendly" from the looks of it.