A Pokémon Sun and Moon demo will be available to download on 18th October.

Doctor Hoo.

The trial version will include a special version of Greninja - the Ash-Greninja from the Pokémon anime - to then transfer into the full game.

Pokémon Sun and Moon's latest trailer has revealed a number of new Pokémon species, including the first evolutions for each of the three starter choices.

Rowlett gets a sassy owl evolution with a combover named Dartrix, firey cat Litten turns into a tiger named Torracat and hateful clown seal Popplio becomes Brionne, yet another seal but now wearing a nightie.

The trailer also shows off the game's Wi-Fi plaza with various shops and mini-games, including one which makes use of the Pokémon you have stuffed into your PC boxes. Named Poké Pelago, the mode lets you search for items, train up or attract other wild Pokémon.

Mega Evolution is also back, although now just as a mechanic using your Z-Ring, the device which acts a bond between you and Pokémon to coax out their all-new power Z-moves.