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Programming help needed for a non-gaming hardware project.
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    Programming help needed for a non-gaming hardware project.

    So my friend, whom I am trying to help, has an invention he has been working on for a while and soon he will be buying the parts for it to build it.

    What we are looking for is a programmer who would be able to write/code the drivers for it to work with both Linux and Windows as well as installation software that will include it. The Operating Systems need to be able to know what it is and handshake with it in order for it to work. We would also like someone who could implement certain protocols into it as well for security and function purposes. You will be paid for your work/services of course, but be fair/reasonable.

    We've been having a hard time finding a programmer to do this, so 360Haven is sort of my last resort aside from looking on LinkedIn.

    If this sounds like you and something you think you know how to do, please PM me for details so we can get started on this ASAP as this is a very important project that we believe will change the world for the better. Please have either skype or discord for messaging, although both is preferred.

    Thank you.

    We're still looking. If we no longer need services, I'll have one of the staff close or delete the thread.

    So if it's still up, we're still looking.
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