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Bought PS4, Regret it
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    Bought PS4, Regret it

    So I recently purchased a Playstation 4, mainly because I have always loved Sony and I thought it was now or never ($50 from a friend). Now, I've played Playstation and Xbox since I was little and started off with the original of each console, but I really have to say that compared to the Xbone, I feel like Sony really dropped the ball when it comes to gaming and how they handle gaming in general. Not to mention how much of a pain in the ass it is to mod and "break into" the system. I don't know if anyone else agrees, but I should have gone Xbox. And I hate myself for saying that.

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    Re: Bought PS4, Regret it

    I heard ps4 will be hacked first.
    I love playstation yet i bought xbox one for better games.

    There is a game called Neverwinter on ps4, xbox one and pc. If you're a rpg/mmo fan you should give it a try. its free and you don't need xbox live gold to play it.
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    Re: Bought PS4, Regret it

    I've got it on the PC atm. It's hard to get into. But I'm also a WoW baby and most MMO's are hard to get into after spending 11/20 years of my life playing JUST WoW. Lol... But yeah, the game selection is horrible. Glad I'm not the only one. Though I do hope we can get inside of it soon.

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    Re: Bought PS4, Regret it

    im still shocked we havent even gotten close to getting into these new systems yet.



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