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Ubisoft has been on a roll in the download space, peaking with the release of From Dust, an environmental manipulation strategy title from designer Eric Chahi.
The publisher has announced that day-one sales of From Dust exceeded that of any Ubisoft-published Xbox Live Arcade title before.

Publishers are notoriously hesitant to part with proper download numbers (the Xbox Live activity chart is a relative measure), but From Dust's noteworthy impact may still impart some idea of what to expect next. Speaking to Joystiq earlier this year, Eric Chahi hinged his expansion plans on the first game's presumed success. "We plan to have a major release where we can enhance the experience by adding an editor and a multiplayer mode," he said, "if the success is there."

Though From Dust garnered some mixed reviews, it fits in well with a recent streak of well-received Ubisoft titles on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, including Beyond Good & Evil HD, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes and Outland. The company also wins bonus points for constructing this latest press release without writing "digital download."