Please, tell me who knows. There is a freeboot console. It has a profile with awards and achivments, the profile is tied to the live, that is, legal. freeboot was long ago, after a while was bought xOne.

Then I changed the old gamertag that I was given when registering for x360, and already with the new gamertag (binding to the mail and to everything else remained the same) began to play on the xOne. After some time I decided to profile with x360 with his friends and others synchronize with the live, so that it was updated on the xOne as well. I did it on a clean x360. However, when I try to connect to the live, I received the following: This profile can not connect to Xbox Live on this console. To fix the problem, try downloading the profile again.

Accordingly, when loading the profile from live, it loads the one that is currently running on the xOne and which don't have all the achivements and rewards from x360.

This will not work.

After talking with the techno for a long time, we came to the conclusion that you can probably synchronize if you again make gamertag the same - as I understand it, either change the gamertag on the ​​​​​​xOne or x360.

But the official change the gamertag costs a lot of money (especially if you do not know if it will help) - 10 dollars at a time.

So I thought - maybe change gamertag on x360? do the same as on the xOne. In searching the programs for this I realized that the Horizon is able to do it. I did it, then I put the flash drive on the freeboot and saw that the gamertag has really changed. But on a clean console, I have not yet try to go to go out with this profile to live. Can you tell me, will I get a ban for this modification gamertag of my profile in horizon?