Hey Guys

I'm posting this thread to see if anyone can help me . i have literally asked everyone i can find to help with this . but it appears nobody wants to step on save wizards toes . i get that in a sense . but i also know that people can't afford 60 bucks or kids parents won't buy it for them so im searching the great world wide web for help on making a tool that is free to the public . what i need is a PS4 save Unpacker and Repacker for the CUSA 00001-CUSA 99999 . i can show\give info to all the resources i have such as cusa files websites on ps modding . home brew seems to be the latest craze on ps4 right now (i mean why wouldn't it be).so it's hard to get somebody peaked in a save editor . everyone just points me to save wizard and here we are in a endless loop of pay for this tool . the save wizard team does great work don't get me wrong but it feels like there focus is else where , they take a long time to post new tools and the tools they post are only what they want for example let's say farcry5 came out 4 or 5 weeks ago god of war came out like a week ago boom god of war save editor out on day 1 no lie still no farcry5 save editor , this is the kinda thing that is pushing me in a direction to make my own tool there are plenty of games that are apparently not on their to do list such as alien isolation , dying light i mean the list is endless . so here i am begging for help at the place that got me started in the modding world . can anyone assist?