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Dust an Elysian Tail end game save
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    secret smile Dust an Elysian Tail end game save

    This is my first post, so i hope you take it easy on me. This is my save file from Dust. Both save slots are at the end of the game with only final battle to be completed. All trials completed at 3 star or 4 star, I honestly am not fast enough to complete them all at 4 star. The first save slot is on normal, has all equipment i believe, and loads of cash and blueprints if you need to make something or buy something. Second slot is on hardcore, it has best armor, best weapon, two sets of the best two rings, one is best in general, the wedding ring, and the other is more for the final fight as it makes fidget a beast, the foul ring of devastation, and there are two of each of those, and also has the pendant of wisdom with super high defense and regen, and battle master pendant which is higher attack and less regen slightly. Anyways, if anyone can get 4 star on all the trials and wants to upload the new save file, I would be grateful to know if it can be used to pop achievement. Anyone is free to share this save if they want, I didnt use any trainers or editors its 100% my hard work. I couldnt find any hardcore saves to get the achievement for it so i just sucked it up, braved that damn cave of deathcicles and made this save. Glad I did as this game really made me work for it a couple of times lol. Enjoy, feel free to tell me if there are any missing items on the normal save and I will be happy to fix, but i wont go through hardcore crafting everything, I only played through it just to say I could beat it on hardcore, now im done with hardcore and its relentless attempts to frustrate me into quitting.
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    Re: Dust an Elysian Tail end game save

    thanks bro for your job



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