The save set will get you all the trophies for the game. Some work is required on your part as certain quests do not let you save it in good way to set them up. Below I will leave a few tips so you are not confused about certain things,Just incase I did not explain it well enough in my instructions.

Deadly Premonition Directors Cut Save Set (File is 199MB!)

1.Use the radio to fast travel.
2.Use cigarettes to pass time to a certain point when needed.
3.Make sure to follow the numbers in order in the instructions for the side quests.
4.When doing the Emily quests, make sure to eat something after you are done sleeping to stop York from slowly losing health.
5.You have infinite weapons in your inventory.Use them!
6.You can quick change weapons with up and down on the D-Pad.

7. Sigorney may show up in another location and not the one I say in my instructions. This is because in each chapter she appears, she can show in 2 or 3 different locations. Just look around the map if she is not in the location I state in my instructions.

I think I have covered everything. Please let me know if the save set link goes down. Please rate and enjoy.