Laughing Jackal's not just keeping busy with the minis versions of the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. The studio is also gearing up for the release of another PSN exclusive, the high-speed arcade puzzler Cubixx HD, for which they've recently announced a release date and price.

Cubixx HD will land on the EU PlayStation Store beginning on August 17 for GB£ 6.99. A North American release date has yet to be announced, although a US$ 9.99 price point has already been confirmed. In addition, the game will be on sale to PlayStation Plus subscribers with a 20% discount available during its first week on sale.

Cubixx HD will feature a "Challenges" mode with 50 bespoke challenges that see players chasing the highest scores and beat the fastest times. On top of that there are over 150 leaderboards across the Score Attack, Line Attack & Time Attack modes. Players can join online multiplayer games in the Arcade & Attack modes or battle up against seven enemies in Cubixx HD Deathmatch.

Laughing Jackal's other PSN release, Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death, will be released on the same day as Cubixx HD.