The riots currently happening in the streets of London continue to wreak havoc. Unfortunately for Sony, they are once again caught up in the ruckus as they find their DADC (Digital Audio Disc Corporation) destroyed in the wake of the mayhem.

The DADC facility in Innova Park, Enfield takes care of the manufacturing of Sony's CDs, DVDs, UMDs and Blu-ray discs. Not only is it a plant, but it is also where Sony's high tech research labs are housed. The labs, as it turns out, takes care of research on up and coming optical technology.

BBC News later received a call, confirming that looters did start the fire in the facility, but not before they got out carrying their own swag of Sony products in their arms. Some 750 people are reported to be working at the said facility. So far, no one is reported to have been hurt by the said fire.

Sony has not released an official statement yet regarding this unfortunate event, but we will be sure to keep you posted. In the meantime, to our readers in London, stay safe!