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{PS3} Open ps2 Loader SMB Question.
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    {PS3} Open ps2 Loader SMB Question.

    hi guys, i have a question regarding ps2 network gaming for ps3.

    i downloaded recently the open ps2 loader V0.8 to play ps2 games on my PS3 from my network,when i play from usb, the game lags as hell :( that is understandable, because it now uses only 1.1 usb.

    now i'm trying to use a alternative solution for my problem, play games from network should solve the problem and yet its still lagging :( i read multiple post, googled al the internet, and everyone wrote the same ''it would run smooth with NO LAG''... its driving me crazy because i wanna play final fantasy X.(the gameplay is good but movies lagging)

    anyone experienced the same thing?? Or maybe knowing where the problem is.

    i'm sorry for posting it here, i'v been hopples searching for help.
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