This application was developed by Hetelek and Experiment5X, also with a lot of help from CLK. they have been working on this for a while, and are really excited to release it.
The application is cross platform meaning that it will work on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Another awesome thing about this application is that it’s 100% free and open source.
All of our code is on GitHub, and a link to it will be further down this post. Velocity supports STFS, XDBF, SVOD, YTGR, FATX and STRB. Around these formats several tools were created.

FATX Explorer:

Also in this release we included a Halo 4 Profile editor plugin.

Change Log:

- Added support for context setting entries in XDBF files
- Version
- Fixed bug with profile cleaner on Windows 8
- Added support for YTGR security headers
- Version
- Added Profile Cleaner
- Added SVOD support
- Added 'Developer Mode' to the Game Adder
- Added more license types
- Fixed Windows 8 compatibility issues
- Fixed bug with Achievement Creator
- Fixed issue with loading very large profiles in the Profile Editor
- Fixed issue with loading profiles with damaged GPDs
- Fixed achievement syncing issue
- Timestamps are only updated when online progress is modified
- Updated UI for the wizards
- File types inside XContent packages are now detected by magic, not extension
- Folder icons changed to Xbox360 folder icons
- And a bunch of other small bugs were fixed
- Version
- Bug fixed
- Version
- Initial release

For the latest news and updates regarding Velocity, please visit

Velocity also has an awesome plugin system so that anyone can create a plugin with ease. Below links will be provided for sample projects of both a Game Editor and a Profile Editor.

Download: Sample Game Editor Plugin Project 769
Download: Sample Profile Editor Plugin Project 348

Velocity files:


Virus scan :