Created by gideon25

Game v1.04.1/Calibration 1.04.2
[1.] Fixed some scripts and pointers for Game patch 1.04.1/Calibrations 1.4.2
[2.] Added a few more scripts and pointers from Hexington Main Script
[3.] Added more World Flags with more NPCs you can set to alive (updated from Hexington Main Script).
[4.] Added Complete Varre Questline Script (from Hexington Main Script) (down at bottom of table between gestures and world flags)

Game v1.04/Calibration 1.04.1
[1.] Fixed some scripts and pointers for Game patch 1.04/Calibrations 1.4.1
[2.] Added Global Auto Parry (although it seems to prevent your summons from attacking..)
[3.] Added more World Flags with more NPCs you can set to alive.
[4.] Added back link to Hexington Discord Channel
[5.] **NEW** Fancy Darkmode Script made by Dark Matter from Discord for those of you who use Darkmode with apps in windows.

Game v1.03.2(v2) FIX
[1.] [X] <== Defense/Dmg Negation Multipliers/Defense Power Multiplier (Left Side) was injecting at the wrong place (bad aob)

Game v1.03.2 + Additions
[1.] Fixed some scripts and pointers for Game patch 1.03.2
[2.] Added new code that should take care of the flashing bars for the Immune to Negative Status Effects script.
[3.] Added cwchuang's Noclip additions that added controller support for the noclip script Here
[4.] Added some more world flags under the World Flags by CarlosM/NPC (WIP) including PATCHES with the ability I assume to set him to alive (all of the flags are done by Discord people, not me).
[5.] Removed the no camera rotation script at the top of table as it did not work (you will have to use the one in the camera section).
[6.] Removed the teleport scripts as they did not work and im not fixing them right now (may never fix them).

Game v1.03.1(v4) Additions
[1.] Added/Changed Resistance script Description: [X] <== Resistance Multipliers [Multiplies your Current Max Resistances]
and Added/Changed description of resistances + More resistances to:
a. Immunity Max (Poison)
b. Immunity Max (Scarlet Rot)
c. Robustness Max (Hemorrhage/Bleed)
d. Robustness Max (Frostbite)
e. Focus Max (Sleep)
f. Focus Max (Madness)
g. Vitality Max (Deathblight)
and Added a Toggle that immediately sets your current resistances to your max so you don't have to see the bars tick down (included a hotkey that will set your current to max which you can use anytime).
[2.]Added Discovery Rates (Base Rates and Base Multipliers) by Marcus101RR which lets you set your BASE discovery/drop rates (not sure exactly what this does differently than the other script, but maybe safer?)
[3.]Added the additional Weapon stuff to the Selected Weapon Script that Babbymode put Here
[4.]Added some extra stuff to the [X] <== World Flags by CarlosM, including some WHETBLADE flags.

Game v1.03.1(v2) REAL 1.03.1
[1.]Fixed Cracked Pots/Ritual Pots Hack that I created
[2.]Fixed Selected Item script
[3.]Fixed Freeze Enemies script
[4.]Fixed Defense/Dmg Negation Multipliers
[5.]Fixed Keep Runes when dying Alternate (May be more reliable as it NOPs the call)
[6.]Added Immune to Negative Status Effects (the same one thats on a trainer somewhere..)

EDIT: this is actually Game v1.03! (thought it was 1.03.1!
New Screenshots below!
[1.]Fixed ALL Scripts/pointers (Did not mess with the coordinate/camera ones though)
[2.]Added No camera Auto Rotation script at top of table
[3.]Added Easier Backstab and Better backstab chances
[5.]Added Arcane to the No requirements for weapons script (it was missing)
[6.]Added a Cracked Pots/Ritual Pots Hack that I created. As long as you have 1 spare/unused cracked pot and 1 spare unused Ritual pot you activate before crafting screen and then you should be able to spam craft tons of things with no limit..I have not tested extensively so back up saves (always!).
[7.]Added Arcane to weapon selection script (it was missing)
[8.]Added 'Show all sites of Grace' and 'Show all Buildings' by Limno. Its a toggle that shows you them on the map but does not "technically" unlock anything (at least I don't think so).
[9.]Added GESTURES- can unlock them all and pick and choose, etc.
[10.]Added back in the No Dead Toggle that was missing from the last script (its toward bottom of table).

You cannot have any trainers, especially WeModz/Flingz open at all when using my table as some of the opens inject at the same point. If any option won't reactivate then close out game and restart.

Full credit to all the script makers out there! Table will auto attach if game is already running.
Elden Ring All-in-One Table Hexinton/Fullcodes/cfemen/Akira for the Horse Jumping I think but I also found it - and of course ME, GIDEON25!

Ugh, this about killed me. Lots and LOTS and Lots of work here folks. Made AOBs and readmems for every thing and completely changed many scripts and found and made a whole lot of new never made before cheats/scripts/pointers myself as well. Added Ashes of War to the item giver as well as the full drop down list. Can't say if all of them work, you will just have to test them out.

How to use this cheat table?

  1. Install Cheat Engine
  2. Double-click the .CT file in order to open it.
  3. Click the PC icon in Cheat Engine in order to select the game process.
  4. Keep the list.
  5. Activate the trainer options by checking boxes or setting values from 0 to 1

Download: Eldenring_All_in_One_1.04.1_G25.CT