So, I managed to get the chicken suit and all the dolls for the Dollcatcher achievement given to me within Fable 2. I figured it would be good to share since those things are a huge pain to get.

The save is at Oakfield near the beginning of the game so you have a bit to go before you can get the Fowl Player achievement but it's better than nothing since there are no legit ways to get the suit anymore besides trading. Theoretically, this should let someone pass it out to anyone that needs it since they can just copy the save back onto the console after they trade the suit away.

For the Dollcatcher achievement, I haven't done any testing but I think you should be able to give one of the dolls to a friend or a split screen partner and then trade it back. Either that or get rid of the one that you can win within game so you only have 5, then win the one that is available to bring it back up to 6 for the achievement.

You should be able to just open the file in Horizon and rehash/resign it to your account since no editing was done. The save does require the free versions of See The Future and Knothole Island.