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The latest Mass Effect 3 trailer bills itself as "Part 1" of the game's combat reveal and, as such, it shows off some of Shepard's new combat mechanics, notably the melee attack and some new squad leadership abilities.
"Behind the boxes, right flank," Generi-Shep orders. Of course, we can imagine ourselves barking these same commands into our Kinect at home. Later, a huge mechsuit presents a larger challenge, but it's not clear if Garrus' Overload attack, which removed the mech's shields, was ordered by Shepard. If so, was that a voice command?

While this reveal definitely has gameplay in it, it's so edited it's difficult to glean much about the game's new combat mechanics. Here's what we can tell: Mass Effect 3 definitely has combat and there are some new moves to take advantage of. Gotta save something for "Part 2," we guess.