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Epic Games president Mike Capps spoke at GDC Europe today, reiterating his surprise that Gears of War 3 received an "18" rating from the German USK, making it the first Gears not to be indexed in the region.
"We were so surprised that Gears of War 3 was rated here that we really didn't have an action plan," said Capps. "I'm very happy that the marketing team at Microsoft was able to put together a booth presence for us at Gamescom with a couple weeks notice. I've never even met them, cause we've never sold anything [Gears of War] in Germany before."

Capps said he thinks Microsoft is looking into getting the first two installments of the franchise released. He'd "love" to see that, especially if the company does a trilogy compilation and that passes the board.

Microsoft's response during their Gamescom event when we asked for comment: "We're looking into it."