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My Fable 3 Achievement Saves
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    My Fable 3 Achievement Saves

    Unlock the following achievements:

    Fable 3-My Weapon's Better Then Yours

    Follow the direction in the folder. Tested by me, 100% working.

    Obviously you need to rehash/resign

    External Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?7n1say3h2xbokze

    Fable 3-Lute Hero Tour

    Follow the instruction in the folder.

    Tested and working 100%

    External Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?7i7hz6oehlqyc8y

    Fable 3-The Dark Sanctum

    Rehash/Resign the save, load and play.

    Work your way through the temple killing the Hollow men as you go.
    Get to the chest and open it to get the lever and return to the guy your working for and the achievement will unlock.

    Created by: H4NNiiB4L

    External Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?8554k21ck51md2n

    Fable 3-Henry VIII

    Rehash/Resign with your own ID's

    Hit 'B' to exit out of interacting with her then press 'X' to swing your hammer at her and kill her. The achievement will unlock.

    Created by: H4NNiiB4L

    External Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?a3mhgpddjwdrkpm

    Fable 3-Barrel of Laughs

    Rehash/resign with YOUR own ID's

    Right in front of you is a few bad guys, and a few barrels. Shoot the barrels and the achievement will pop.

    Created by: H4NNiiB4L

    External Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?f6ltpmvyy8lpr4w

    Fable 3-Knight Jumps Chesty

    Rehash/Resign with YOUR ID's

    Load the save and it will put you right at the beginning of the game with Chesty.
    You can try and beat him at his own game but he cheats and will change the game on you.
    When he changes the game on you all you have to do is fight the enemy hordes he sends your way.
    Once you have done that the achievement will unlock!

    Created by: H4NNiiB4L

    External Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?z4e7dqrr6v72qm5

    Please say thanks if this helped you any. Expect more soon.
    Last edited by H4NNiiB4L; 01-12-2011 at 04:08 AM.

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    Bet it took took you quite some time to make this save sets.
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    Nah it wasn't that bad. I'm happy to do more even :)

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    Nice save sets, I still need Henry VIII so thank you kindly.
    I should still have the Brightwall Book Club cheevo if you want to add it and save you the trouble.
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    awesome save set
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    Glad you guys like this set. I have about all of the achievements I need except these:

    Crime Spree

    Get a 15,000 gold bounty placed on your head.

    Cross-Dimensional Conception

    Have a child with another Xbox LIVE player.


    Score 2000 on the Mourningwood Fort mortar game.

    Knight Jumps Chesty

    Defeat Chesty at his own game.

    We Can Be Heroes

    Earn 1,000 gold in henchman wages in another Hero's world.

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    Added Knight Jumps Chesty

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    Nice save set . Thanks so much.


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