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Muzyka: BioWare to throw previous Dragon Age games into a blender for next title
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    Muzyka: BioWare to throw previous Dragon Age games into a blender for next title

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    Dragon Age 3 is going to blend the best features of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka told PC Gamer at Gamescom.
    After Dragon Age 2's inconclusive, varied review scores, BioWare is focused on making all fans, core and new, happy: "What we need to do as developers is take that feedback from both sets of fans to heart and see about marrying that in future games in the Dragon Age franchise. I think that the team has actually got a great plan," Muzyka said.

    We're on board as long as that plan doesn't involve throwing raspberries into the blender -- a raspberry and chain mail smoothie may sound good, but it is a bad idea. Trust us on this one.
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    Re: Muzyka: BioWare to throw previous Dragon Age games into a blender for next title

    this sounds good if they can combine the good of both games then Dragon Age 3 could be awesome, just hope they dont start messing it up
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    Re: Muzyka: BioWare to throw previous Dragon Age games into a blender for next title

    They really dropped the ball on DA2 I think, they are too focused on generating sales, than making a quality game. You can tell it was rushed, by the shameless reuse of maps over and over, that drove me crazy. Overall DA2 felt dumbed down, more of a button masher than a rpg, way less abilities and spells, many mage spells became pointless from the ridiculous amout of time they lasted, many spells like sleep etc weren't even worth it. It was a nice looking game, but overall that was all it had that was better than origins I think. Hopefully they don't try to dumb it down anymore just to get a few more sales, I didn't even buy DA2 because of what they did to it, i'll rent 3 like I did with 2 then decide. Hopefully they spend more time making it good instead of rushing it out like they did with the second one.
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