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Capcom wants to tell the world how much of a scaredy-cat sap you are, but since it doesn't have cameras installed in your consoles (yet) it needs your help.
To celebrate HD versions of RE 4 and Code Veronica X hitting Xbox Live and PSN in September, Capcom is making a video series of its fans' most memorable moments and wants your best freak outs, sob stories and nostalgia bombs to share with the world.

Send your stories to the games' official site in the form of text, videos, photos, shoebox diorama, or whatever twisted method you can concoct, for the chance to be featured in the video and win some mysterious prizes. If we were sentimental, we'd tell Capcom about our junior year, where every day after school we went to our best friend's house to play RE 4, fingers orange with Doritos residue, screaming and spilling Coke on the carpet whenever Leon ran into a bag-headed madman, then laughing for no good reason other than the knowledge that it was the best time of our young lives. If we were sentimental. If.