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RAGE on PS3 8GB Install, 22GB optional for 360
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    RAGE on PS3 8GB Install, 22GB optional for 360

    For those of you with your new fancy cheap PS3 consoles, better save a little space on that hard drive so you can install the new sci-fi shooter. The PS3 version of the game will have a mandatory 8GB installation, whilst the 360 installation will be 22GB, but optional, as most games are installable

    The installation size on PC is currently unknown but I'm sure it ranges around the same size as the PS3 installation. Whether or not the optimisation for any of the versions will be better via installation remains to be seen, but I've heard from friends and seen a few videos online that show the 360's installed versions run a lot smoother and it's always good to have a 'backup' just in case. 22 gigs for the 360 version isn't exactly uncommon but these coming months are hotting up so you might want to save it for something you're gonna play through the winter (in the US) or summer (here)

    Do you prefer your games to be installed straight away or keep that hard drive space for something a little special?
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    Re: RAGE on PS3 8GB Install, 22GB optional for 360

    I'll sure install it to the HDD!
    John Carmack said at quakecon that installing Rage to the 360 hard drive is "the way to go"
    I've seen people complaining about the 22 gigs like it was unique to Rage!
    L.A. Noire is about 22 gb as well. And it's not like you have to install all 3 discs at once!

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    Re: RAGE on PS3 8GB Install, 22GB optional for 360

    i like installing games right away, still havent decided if ill get this game or not with so many games coming out need to pick carefully XD
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