Linkin Park parks six tracks on Rock Band

Fan of Linkin Park? Then next week should be a treat for you as Harmonix has announced, albeit accidentally, that the band will be the featured Track Pack for Rock Band.

Included in the Track Pack are their hit singles Crawling, In the End, Numb, Somewhere I Belong, Waiting For The End and What I've Done. As an added treat, In The End and What I've Done will also be getting expansions for Pro Guitar and Pro Bass. You can pick them up as individual purchases or as a full pack.


Rates are as follows: individual tracks are yours for US$ 1.99, UK£ 0.99, € 1.49 or 200 Wii points, while the Track Pack pegs the price at US$ 9.99, UK£ 4.99, € 7.99, 800 MS points and 1,000 Wii points.

If you want the Pro Guitar and Pro Bass expansions for the two specified tracks, you'll need to shell out US$ 0.99, UK£ 0.59 and € 0.79.

The Linkin Park Rock Band Track Pack comes out next Tuesday (January 11) for XBL, Wii and the US PSN. Europe's PSN will get it the following day, Wednesday (January 12). If playing their songs on Rock Band doesn't cut it for you, then you might as well save up your cash and spend it instead for a ticket to their US Tour, set to kick off on January 20, 2011.