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[Release] [XBOX360] Dead Island - Save editor V1.9
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    [XBOX360] Dead Island - Save editor V1.9


    Dead Island Save editor.

    able to edit inventory/money/exp.

    Version 1.8 Changelog.
    Fixed a few Items
    Added a few items.
    Added drag and drop.
    Fixed Durability ( i hope ) , tested with a few saves, and it worked.
    Recoded the whole app , Thanks To FeudalNate.
    Redisigned By Sephiroth

    Set Maximum amount inventory to 999.999.999

    Changelog V1.9.
    Fixed Vissual Isseu ( redisigned By Sephiroth)
    fixed bug, and item.
    Changed Durabilty ( may work different )
    added 2 more items.

    How to.
    No Need to extract anything ( only extract the save from your MU), use the full save.

    1. grab your save from your memoryUnit.
    2. open the save editor , and browse your save, or just drag and drop your save.
    3. edit to your likings and hit save.
    4. transfer the save back to your MU, and profit.

    There is no need to Rehash/resigh, the editor does it for you.

    Note ! The Duribility button is only for the melee weopons... swords/chainsaw, ect.
    the duribility will drop, but you will keep your weapon.
    Keep in mind that it does only work with Melee weapons listed in the tool.

    Note ! do not change the save name.

    Note ! Make sure you disable your antivirus before extracting the save editor.
    because the PackageIO may seem as Trojan, and will be deleted.

    Note ! if you have problem with the visual, then try to set your Theme to Classic.

    Make sure you have this in the application folder :

    Dead Island Save editor.exe


    VideoTut :
    Posted By 007sonic

    Thanks to DJ Shepherd for X360
    Thanks to FeudalNate For PackageIO
    Thanks To Renegade For the support
    Thanks to OsamaGotRocked for the XP List
    Thanks To IdleHands88 for reporting durability
    Special Thanks To Sephiroth For all his help and design.
    Special Thanks To FeudalNate (again) for being so helpfull .

    Thanks to all 360Haven Members for reporting Bugs, and providing info.

    Screen :

    note! to every one complainig about not being able to edit their items...
    You need to have the item if you wanna edit, and this editor still doesnt have all items /weapons, so if value of your weapon doesnt change means its not added to the tool yet.
    so stop complaining and pm me the save with the weapons you need added.

    Make sure to report every Bug.
    if there anny request for Inventory, then send me a PM with the save and a textfile with the requested Items.
    Attached Files Attached Files
    Last edited by Sephiroth; 05-15-2015 at 02:58 PM. Reason: Update V1.9

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    Re: Dead Island - Save editor

    Very nice I'll see if I can rent the game.

    1st post lol
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    Re: Dead Island - Save editor

    thanks dude im downloadin the game now so ill use this when its done.

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    Re: Dead Island - Save editor

    it's work! thanks so much jappi
    (i edit only cash)

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    Re: Dead Island - Save editor

    does the enemy level go up as you level up?
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    Re: Dead Island - Save editor

    once again an good looking editor from Jappi, cant wait to try it out later this week when i get the game nice job man :)
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    Re: Dead Island - Save editor

    it also work on win7 64 bit as well. great work as usual jappi.
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    Re: Dead Island - Save editor

    I cant do it can you please just post a save for me lvl 50 lots of money and xp for Logan,Thanks in advance



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