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Jtag E79, band nand flash, and updating problems.
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    Jtag E79, band nand flash, and updating problems.

    E79 Error can be cause be alot of different things. Wires to long or thick, wrong smc, bad kv and many more things. How to fix? Check yours make sure there small and not very long. Make sure the wires, resisters, diodes , or however u have ur set up are solder on right and not touching each other nor the motherboard. Check for solder splashes and balls on the motherboard. If all that is good then its something to do with the image u have made or you need to try a different wiring set up.See more info (here) and (here)

    Bad nand flash
    If you flashed ur nand and you can not turn on ur xbox then you have a bad nand flash. How to fix? well you can try shorting out the nand. the "power trick", get you computer ready to flash unplug ur xbox and plug it in and flash ur xbox. The timing on that is hard to do. Also the best way is to power the nand its self. On every usb flasher there is a 5volt point wire a wire from that and wire it to the capacitor in Grims tut. If you using LTP then u will have to make a 5 volts and use one the ground point.

    Black screen
    If you have a black screen it can be cause by wires to long, diodes touch the motherboard, wrong smc, and wrong CPU key.

    Updating problems.
    Best thing I can say is let me have ur cpu key and ur nand back up u have. If you don't have a nand back up, but have a xbr or freeboot back up I can use that too.
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