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Other Save Sites
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    Other Save Sites

    Anyone know what other sites are out there? I only know of a couple and i'm really curious how many exist now with the fall of 360gamesaves.com...

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    I've been out of that scene for a while. I was a member for a while and I never did find out what actually happened.. You know?

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    Well 360Gamesaves went invite becuz they thought that MS Spys were banning there members lol.

    Blueshadowz Use to be the second largest until it got hacked and hacked and hacked and hacked.But after that they lost there data and that was that,this site was also invite only (not anymore tho) They decided to shut it down after awhile.

    Xplorer.net (Look it up on google) This site is one of a very few that has a big stash in saves so it's great.

    XpGamesaves Also has a very good stash (I think most of there saves came from 360gamessaves) :)

    Anyway just use google lol it's your best friend.
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    You CAN use xploderforums, if you don't mind wading thru the children...

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    I am in the process of uploading most of the game saves from 360gamesaves. The first 100 or so were full save sets that I uploaded but will be adding additional saves as I get time.



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