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WeAreModdies Genesis AIO
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    WeAreModdies Genesis AIO

    The general release will be soon

    For a long time I wanted to release Genesis to the public, and this time will be soon

    In this release I have coded a VIP activation system, once you first login it will ask do you want to activate VIP on this PC, if you say yes, you are activated and will have all the VIP features, if no then you will appear as a standard user

    Just for a little help I have coded a Reactivate VIP under Options, simply click the button fill in the reason and if an admin thinks its a valid reason your VIP will be reactivated (But your old PC validation will be deleted)

    In this release are many mod tools:

    * Assassins Creed 2
    * Alien v Pred
    * Cod 4 and 5
    * Red Dead Redemption
    * Forza 2
    * PGr3
    * PGr4
    * GTAIV
    * Just Cause 2
    * Lost Planet
    * MW2
    * NBA 2k10
    * NBA 2k11
    * saints row
    * saints row 2
    * sonic the hedgehog
    * transformers 2
    * forza 3
    * dead space
    * warrior orchi 2
    * devil may cry 2
    * scared 2 fallen angel

    PS3 Tools :D

    * Natuo Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

    The list below contains other tools that you may like :P

    * Patch Share
    * XeX Downloader
    * GPD Downloader
    * Rehash and Resigner (With package info)
    * EA Resigner (for extracted EA con files only!)
    * Nand Tool V2
    * Black Ops XeX Patcher
    * Account File Encrypter and Decrypter (Beta)
    * Genesis News
    * WeAreModdies Twitter Feed
    * Xbox Live Arcade Unlocker
    * Halo Service Tag Editor
    * Avatar Colour Editor
    * MW2 Clan Tag Editor
    * Dashboard Theme Creator (Not Finished)
    * MW2 MP Data
    * Old MW2 Patch Maker (External Exe)
    * KV Editor (External Exe)

    Help Tools:

    * Request A Tool
    * Support and Help
    * Nand Tool Errors

    On the list below it cut of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit editor

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