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[Release] Lost Odyssey Complete Save Editor
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    Lost Odyssey Complete Save Editor

    UPDATED: Version 1.0.2: Fixed the bug with save encryption/decryption which caused
    "'Value' should be between 'Minimum' and 'Maximum'." errors when opening a save on computers
    where the path to the user's temporary directory contains one or more spaces.

    Updated: Version 1.0.1: Increased maximum gold to 99,999,999 and fixed potential
    errors caused by unexpectedly large values.

    After admittedly originally joining 360haven to swipe the exiting Lost Odyssey save
    editor I thought instead of posting randomness to quell the 7-post-warning I would
    contribute something that people seem to have been asking for. Forgive me if its not
    the right place/format.

    How it happened:
    After downloading the existing save editor for lost odyssey, using it to mercilessly hack a
    new save and starting a new game in which I set about another attempt at the Treasure
    Trove achievement I got half way through disk 1 before realising that I hadn't been picking
    up half the items because I used the editor to give me 90 of everything at the start! Doh!
    Still wanting the inventory patch for the weapons and accessories I figured I'd see if I could
    find a way to modify the save editor to add only 1 or 2 of each item but alas I didn't get
    very far so instead I decided to make my own save editor instead and I present it here for
    all to use.

    I feel my editor is a great improvement over the one I downloaded, far be it for me to
    criticise the author of the original editor, but as it turns out several of it's options end
    up modifying huge chunks of data which aren't actually to do with the unlocks and could
    potentially end up causing bugs or crashes in game. Instead I spent hours manually testing
    every single bit and byte modified by my editor to ensure that only the data that needed to
    be changed was actually changed. The editor also has several options missing from the
    original including the much requested individual control of inventory items and support for
    dlc/pre-order skills and accessories.

    Lost Odyssey Save Editor v1.0

    The editor handles decryption, re-signing and re-encryption as the original did, however,
    save files do not need to be in the folder with the editor for lostodysseyencrypt to do its
    thing (in fact the editor uses the temp folder for the encryption no matter where they are).
    The editor also automatically creates backups of any saves you open so you don't lose you
    game if you change your mind later. Kudos to the author of the original editor for pointing
    me in the right directions as well as the authors of lostodysseyencrypt.exe, PackageIO.dll
    and X360.dll which I made use of to make this editor work.

    Editing Characters

    Once you open a save you will unlock the tabs allowing you to modify various aspects of
    your game. On the Character tab you can see each of the game's 9 controllable characters,
    whether or not you have unlocked them as well as their current level. You can use this tab
    to lock/unlock characters and modify their level. Locking and unlock characters has an
    effect on the Formation tab.

    Editing Character Skills

    The Skills tab shows for each of the 4 playable immortal characters in the game, a list of
    every learnable skill in the game (including the pre-order & DLC skills) and whether or not
    the character has learned them. On this screen you can learn/unlearn individual skills for
    each character as well as set them on mass. Each spell you choose to learn will have the
    correct SP value set against it so the game correctly recognises that you have fully
    learned the accessory or mortal's skill. Please note though that the SP progress against
    any skill will be reset to 0 if you chose to unlearn it using the editor.

    Formation Editing

    Rather than locking/unlocking characters causing potential issues if they happen to be
    in your formation or resetting your formation to a default (as the original editor did) the
    editor provides a fully functional formation editor which is updated on the fly depending
    on which characters you choose to lock/unlock. Click on a formation slot to select it and
    double click to set a character from the bottom panel or to remove a character from the
    formation. This option doesn't really allow any more functionality than the in-game
    formation editor and was put in mainly to prevent any issues with locking/unlocking

    Gold Editing

    A simple way of setting how much gold you have. The game maximum is 9,999,999
    but remember, if you have maximum gold you can't loot containers with gold.

    Inventory Editing

    The Inventory tab shows your individual Items, Weapons, Rings, Accessories,
    Components and Valuables (Key Items) including all pre-order and DLC items.
    Each item's quantity can be set individually or on mass. Please remember that, as
    with the original editor, you must do a sort on each category of item before any
    items you didn't previously own will show up.

    Spell Book Editing

    The Spells tab shows you're 3 spell books and which spells you have currently
    obtained from each. Each spell can be locked/unlocked individually for each spell
    book. Please note that any spells you unlock will still require the appropriate skill
    to use in combat.

    So there you have it, I hope you enjoy it. If you have any problems please post them here.

    PS The editor requires the .NET Framework 3.5.

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    Re: Lost Odyssey Complete Save Editor

    Nice editor bro.
    You've been promoted to developer, keep up the good work :)
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    Re: Lost Odyssey Complete Save Editor

    keep up the great work. hope to see more form you in the near future.
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    Re: Lost Odyssey Complete Save Editor

    Editor looks great, Thanks.

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    Re: Lost Odyssey Complete Save Editor

    now this is what i call a usefull editor.... :D no offense sephiroth but this editor beat urs
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    Luv You

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    Re: Lost Odyssey Complete Save Editor

    This is amazing. Thank you. I've been meaning to start playing this game again.

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    Re: Lost Odyssey Complete Save Editor

    ty soo much

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    Re: Lost Odyssey Complete Save Editor

    Sweet editor, and also congrads on the promotion


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