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How To Get UPLAY Rewards
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    How To Get UPLAY Rewards

    Hey Guys i never seen this posted so i'll add it in :)

    i'm using Assassin's Creed Games as a starter if anyone uploads another .GPD i will add it to this post and give cred.

    WARNING KINDA... i have noticed in AC:B you DO NOT have the previous outfits you have earned like Desmond , Raiden, Auditore Cape etc...YOU WILL HAVE TO RE EARN THEM, MEANING NEW GAME/SESSION!!

    Needed Files/Tools:
    Your Profile
    And the file givin

    AC2 Uplay - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4ZDJOUGC
    ACB Uplay - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RDR0G3DX

    Credit goes to gerdannuckel on another site for supplying the AC:B .GPD :)

    Firstly open up modio, drag your profile into modio. Select "File Contents"
    Right click in the window that pops up and select "Inject File Into Current Folder" Select the .GPD file provided.
    If It says a file with the same name exists would you like to replace it click Yes.
    Once you have done the above Rehash and Resign your profile and inject it back to your hard drive/memory card and enjoy your uplay rewards

    By the way same method shoud work for all other games with uplay content it's just a matter of getting the .gpd for the game with the uplay rewards all ready downloaded.

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    What is the Online Rank of this GPD ?

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    Re: How To Get UPLAY Rewards

    i really don't want to say this,but ac2's gpd file is nowhere to be found.if somebody still have this little file,please reupload it.thank you very much!



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