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And whats the difference
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    And whats the difference

    And whats the difference i still dont get help on this site just like the other here are two TWO forums that i have been asking help on and Noone can decently say hey we are busy or we are looking in on this or anything



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    It seems no 1 knows how to unlock the noib level on campaign.
    I dont have the game so i cant help you,sorry.
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    I've never played the game. Were the saves encrypted or something which was why so many people struggled with it? I don't know... But if encryption isn't the case then you could always try finding a save that is completed (or that has whatever you need unlocked) and then try comparing saves until you find how the data is stored...

    It's not that no one doesn't want to help you, it could be just as sephiroth said: maybe no one knows how...

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    its not that no one knows how its a pain their is no security its just everything is in german trust me i have been reseaching this game for like 4 months with freinds as well its not hard to mod everything is there just diff language one of my freiends has the saio save ediotr post ur save i will ask him if he can mod it fast leave what u want and it shall be done and if u unlock niob and u beat it u get no other diffulculties the best bet for u get platnum by joinning someone plat game then accept a quest has to be story not free world then save leave u got plat continue from main menu theres plat now beat the game theres all the diffulcultys wow look at me ranting anyway do what i said post what u want i do for u when i can :)

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    Thanks for the replys on this post theres my save and its in the other 2 post .... @ YTV and i was told by pope320 or whatever on the OTHER website that its right under the name of the character like a few lines below BUT i cant find the name of my character anywhere in HEX if you want i can give you the like to the post in the OTHER site



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