Right now, I'm using a Samsung M300 (Sprint). For those who are familiar with cell phones, the SM300 is one of the worst phones of the previous cell phone era due to its inability to do any kind of data transfer to a computer, and if you're skilled enough to transfer anything at all there are hardly any supported file types. Needless to say, it's high time I get an update. And I'm due about $150 (I've been using this phone for a long LONG time).
<====Samsung M300 (old, huh)

So, without changing my service (I really like Sprint), what phone can I buy that uses micro SD cards? I specifically want a phone that I can add my own media to straight from my computer, without having to download them (one that allows me to use MP3s as ringtones would be nice). Nothing fancy; I don't want to use it for the internet or anything (that's what my computer is for) and so I don't want to pay for internet service, but newer and nicer than the damned M300! And remember, micro SD is a must and I don't know how to tell if a phone uses it or not, so please be sure to consider that when answering.

EDIT: I'm not looking to buy one from here. I'm looking for ideas on what phones to look at once I have time to go to the Sprint store. Just thought I'd better clear that up before anybody gets the wrong idea. ^-^;