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update on update
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    update on update

    So you dont have to read basically the firmware on the drives doesnt need to be updated its totally a disc problem and the ap 2.5 has to be applied to them so no need for a new firmware just waiting on abgx then.

    This is a post from Xecuter.


    After New Dash Update 12625 the following games do not boot (Black Screen):

    Black Ops 2
    Modern Warfare 2
    Halo Reach

    This is an AP2.5 Update so naturally this does not affect non AP2.5 DVD drives (Early Hitachi & Samsung).

    If you had LT+ flashed then you will NOT be flagged for a possible ban (good Job c4eva !).

    If you did not have LT+ flashed and you tried to boot these games as backups then you are probably flagged for a ban.

    News from a post of Xecuter

    AP2.5 Data both PAL and NTSC have been extracted (thanks to c4 and k3) and c4 is now working on the patches and testing will commence.

    There will be no need for a firmware update.

    We recommend you do not update yet until there is a working method tested and released.

    There is no ETA on release so do not ask. if you ask then other members have my permissions to facepalm the offender and ridicule them until they probably start crying.

    This is confirmed update and info as of 20th Jan 16:43 GMT
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    From: www.xbox-scene.com

    New Dashboard 12611 - Fixes 'Boot to Disc', New Protection
    >> From majornelson.com:
    On Wednesday, January 19th we will issue a mandatory dashboard update that (re) enables the ‘Boot to Disc’ option in the Xbox 360 dashboard. After you accept the update, you’ll be able to set the option to boot to the Xbox 360 dashboard OR directly to the game you have in the tray when you power up your console. This option can be found in the System Settings.

    Additionally, on Thursday January 20th the Xbox.com team will ship an update that contains a small update to the Gamercards. We’ve updated the Gamercard look and feel a bit and removed gamerzone from the card. Other than that, the same amount of information is on the card. Here is an example:
    It seems Microsoft also included a new protection to the update - certain backups won't boot anymore (like: Halo Reach, COD Black Ops and COD MW2) on certain drives (probably AP2.5-capable drives). Microsoft might have been able to activate AP2.5 on some older games.
    Booting these games on 360 consoles with AP2.5-enabled drives can possibly result in a BAN (certainly if not using the LT+ FW).
    If that's indeed the case, SSv3 for these games will have to be released for them to work on LT+.
    #fw hello, looking into new dash,more soon.

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    I think i remember somewhere that the AP2.5 Check has been put into the kernal ?

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    its been fixed all you need to do is just run those games through abgx and then go ahead and reburn them.
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