EA has announced that early copies of Dead Space 2 (due out next Tuesday, January 25) will include a code to unlock special "Ser Isaac of Clarke" armor in Dragon Age 2, which arrives March 8. As you can see in the video after the break, the armor is a little more, well, medieval than Clarke's rig in Dead Space, but the resemblance is certainly there.

And it's not just purty -- the armor's got rune slots in it; requires high dexterity and cunning skills to wear; and adds bonuses to armor and crit damage. According to the fine print, it seems like Xbox 360 and PC codes will be sharable across platforms, but the PS3 code from Dead Space 2 will only unlock the armor in the PS3 version of Dragon Age 2. If Isaac Clarke's career as an alien-slicing space-gineer never works out, maybe he can just stick with video game cameos -- he's already got quite the resumé.