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NBA 2k11 - My Player Skill Point Mod
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    NBA 2k11 - My Player Skill Point Mod

    This tutorial is for modding your My Player's Skill Points in NBA 2K11

    What you will need:

    -Transfer Cable, or Flash Drive
    -Xport360, Xplorer360, etc.
    -Notepad, Word, etc. (optional)


    1. Extract your game save file from your hard drive to your desktop ("something".CMG), I would also suggest having a extra copy of the file incase of any problems

    2. Open your .CMG file in HxD

    3. Find the offset: 00019A90

    4. Then enter the following, replacing the old hex:

    01 99 01 99 01 99 01 99 01 99 01 99 01 99 01 99

    5. Save your .CMG in HxD

    6. Then exit out of HxD, then open your .CMG in a Rehash & Resigner (Modio etc.)

    7. Rehash and Resign

    8. Place the .CMG back into your Hard drive, or flash drive.

    9. Then raise all your stats to achieve an overall of 99

    How to possibly avoid getting banned:

    1. Copy and paste the old hex into a text file (notebook, word, etc.)

    2. Then insert the new hex (as seen above)

    3. Once you have hex edited the offset, while offline raise your players stats to 99.

    4. Go back to hex editor then paste the old hex back into the same offset.

    (Therefore putting in the same amount of skill points you had before modding it)

    LMK if you have any problems (you shouldn't cause this is extremely easy )
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