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Question about Dead Space 2 Disk change
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    cry Question about Dead Space 2 Disk change

    How do you switch to disk 2 i have a Jtag 360 and all my games a GOD format so i dont have any disks to put disk two on am i screwed till i get disks

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    screwed, unless you wanna burn the second disk. Found this save just after the disk change. Not mine, so don't complain about the choices in guns.


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    there is a way i dont know where you get your games from but if its xbox360iso there is tutorial in there. its pretty much the same thing but they used mass effect 2 as their example.
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    That is where I get my games from, and looked into several threads about it. Most of it was just about combining the folders, or the bigfiles. I don't remember any of the methods being verified as working, though. Anyway I'll have the game legit in a day or two, so it won't really matter. Hopefully FSD does decide to come out with the update that is supposed to be in the works, about having a workaround with the 2 discs.

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    Well damn that sucks i guess i have too play two worlds 2

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    well i quess i ll have to get some more verbatims damn was hopin there was a way to put em on tha jtagg without wastin disks oh well :D

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    did anyone tried to rename cd2 bigfile0 AND bigfile1 TO bigfile2 AND bigfile3? and place it cd 1?


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