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First day of school.
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    grimace First day of school.

    Just finished first day of school back from Christmas holidays(Australia gets 6-8 weeks) New Batch of Grade 8's my brother being one of themwalked around the school like loss dogs I lol'd.

    Anyway I only had one subject today which conviently enough happend to be IPT(Information Processing Technology, which involves programming mostly Vb) learnd nothing all day just fooled around.

    Post any moments spent fooling around at school or work.


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    My half-sister is just going into year 9 in Darwin! :D To be entirely honest, their system confuses me (as a New Zealander (Quiet, you >.>)) :P

    So... do we post moments from our past...? Well, there was that time that I "hacked" the TV in the main office (it was on the network with a public "slideshow" folder... You can guess what happened there ;) ), the time our Chem class pitched in to buy 100m of Magnesium ribbon and caused mischief all day, or the time we put the principal's car on the Auditorium roof (Lightweight little thing)... The teachers in our school weren't paid enough lol

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    lol yeah thats what I meant, I didn't think there would be anyone from NZ on this forum I've only seen a few Australians on 360content and xboxdev.



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