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XZP Tool v1.0
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Thread: XZP Tool v1.0

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    XZP Tool v1.0

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    XZP Tool v1.0 has been released - a tool that allows you to easily packaging and unpackaging the xzp file type that is used for skins in freestyle dash:

    * Opening - There are a few different ways to open an xzp. Use File>open file, hit the Open file button, drag/drop it onto the app, or right click it in the listview and hit open.
    * Extracting - Once an XZP is open in the app you can extract it by hitting extract to and selecting a folder to extract to.
    * Building - To build an XZP, either hit the Build button or right click a folder in the directory view, then select a version to build, and select a save file name.
    * Converting - To convert the open xzp , hit convert then choose a version to convert to.
    * Add File - To add a file to the root of the xzp, hit add file and select a file. This just automates extracting, copying the file over, then rebuilding. (note that this updates the open file).
    * Add Folder - Adding the folder is the same as adding a file, hit add folder and select the folder and that will be added to the root of the xzp.
    * Test - To test that an xzp extracts properly hit test. This will extract it temporarily to the same folder and displays any errors that occurred, then delete it when done.
    * Save Copy - To save a copy of the open file hit save copy and select the new file to save it as.
    * Delete - To delete the open xzp hit delete and confirm you want to delete it.
    * Logging - A log is kept on the right side, to clear it right click and hit clear.
    * Refreshing - To refresh the directory view right click a folder and hit refresh.
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